Tips for Traveling Long Distance on Your Honda

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Are you planning on taking off for a long distance solo bike ride on your Honda? You may be an experienced rider, but the real question is: Are you an experienced traveller? The idea itself is amazing, and riding across the country or continent is an experience that is limited only for a brave few. Take some advice from experienced bikers, those who have already embarked on such adventures and gained something valuable, and somewhere among that gained knowledge you will find what is it that you actually need in order to pull this off. Being a biker essentially means that you are not rooted to a specific location and that you can always count on yourself to make an incredible journey in search of a new heaven. Long distance should never be an obstacle for you, since there is nothing capable of binding a true biker. To cut to the chase, if you are planning on mounting your trustworthy Honda and going on a tour, here are a couple of things you should know.


If you often ride for hours then you are probably aware why this is important, and if not, listen up. When you are riding with high speed, there is a lot of wind noise. Our brain is constantly working, and in such an environment, it is trying to figure out whether there is something of importance behind all of that noise. This kind of exposure places an incredible mental strain, and you will very likely end up fatigued. Moreover, earplugs will protect your ears, so once you stop moving, you won’t be deaf. Also, do not use earplugs with mp3 option since you need to stay focused, plus you will need to crank up the volume for the purpose of cancelling out all the wind, once again damaging your eardrums.

Inspect Your Motorcycle

It’s undoubtedly vital that you take care of any mechanical issues your Honda may have before you begin your trip, especially if you are going on a long distance solo ride. So weigh your bike in the morning before you set off, check it when you refill the fuel, when you stop to take a break or to take a picture, in other words, perform these check-ups frequently! The fundamental things to inspect are: tires – whether they tread alright, there should be no visible cords or punctures, nail heads etc.; chain and sprocket – see if there are any kinks, metal shavings, or broken teeth. Inspect if there are any existing holes or leaks, and once it is all set, clean your Honda and move on. If you are to make it through your journey, you need to be truly cautions.


Don’t Pack Too Many Things

There is absolutely no need to overburden yourself and your bike with unnecessary items, after all, this should be a liberating experience, not a conventional trip. Make sure you have a good quality Honda saddlebag with high durability to keep your items secured. Make sure you bring the following things: your phone and your charger, a wallet (with money of course), a first-aid kit, maps, a multi-tool, a led flashlight, some socks and underwear, jeans, a couple of t-shirts, and one or two towels. Finally, make sure you have something to keep your mind busy during the nights, so a good book of your favourite genre is a good thing to have nearby. Anything else will only hinder you, and this way you will be able to pack and unpack much quicker.

Use Apps to Get around

Nowadays, getting lost with a smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection is highly unlikely, since there are numerous apps capable of calculating which route you should take to reach the desired destination with minimal fuel expenses and in the shortest time interval. You can always rely on a paper map as it will give you a good sense of what is ahead, and it is how bikers and travellers used to get around before people became dependant on the modern technology. Using, apps however will give you a better sense of security and a better insight when it comes to time and money distribution, so don’t be a hero if you don’t have to.

Trouble with Meals

Now that you are going to spend most of your time on the road, it is imperative that you do not allow yourself to eat too much. We are all very familiar with just how sleepy we get after a good meal, and what should we use to fight off that sleepiness. Coffee or energy drink after a meal will make a storm inside your stomach, and you do not want the storm while you are riding on the road. Moreover, keep away from junk food, or anything that can make you sick to your stomach for that matter. Take an energy bar with you, something to boost your sugar levels and keep you focused as you are constantly on your Honda and on the open road. You are allowed to have a big meal, of course, during night time, just make sure you walk it off, or go for a swim in a hotel’s pool so that it doesn’t give you too much trouble resting, since you need to be well rested for tomorrow.

Drink Enough Water

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By enough, it is implied more than your casual daily intake. Almost none of us are hydrating as much as we need to during the day, but this is not a mistake you can afford during your ride. With lack of water in your system, you are prone to fatigue as well as headaches, nausea, and muscle pain. These are all bad things if you are on your motorcycle, plus if it is warm outside, it is practically a recipe for disaster. Do your calculations, if it is warm outside, you need to adjust your intake of water to approximately a litre each hour, so make sure to bring enough water if there is no service station ahead.

Hope you find this useful, and good luck.

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