Six Drop Dead Gorgeous Islands of Malaysia

Malaysia is not all about the iconic Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur, as there is much more to appreciate than just high rise commercial structures. People may not be knowing, but this country is home to some of the finest islands and secluded beaches, comparable to the best in Southeast Asia.

While most islands are well known, there are a few offbeat hidden treasures, complete with pristine beaches in an idyllic tropical setting. With so many islands to choose from, finding the best can be a herculean task. Still, we have narrowed down our search to these six patches of paradise, which are surrounded by water, in Malaysia. All you need to do is make your flight booking, grab your favourite beach wear and start ticking these off your list:

1. Tioman Island

Tioman Island

This is a major haunt of nature lovers visiting Malaysia for many a reason. Tioman enjoys a superb location, with uncrowded beaches surrounded by lush green forests.The jungle canopy and simple village life are the biggest positives of Tioman. The island is easily accessible by ferry from the Mersing jetty.

2. Mabul Island

Mabul Island

Outdoor enthusiasts will get instantly attracted to Pulau Mabul, as it has some of the best diving and snorkeling facilities in Malaysia. The island lies just off the coast of Borneo, and can be accessed from the Seporna jetty in Sabah.

Visitors will be thrilled by the extensive and diverse marine life found here, as well as by the adventurous walks on offer, which take you around the island in only an hour.

3. Pengkor Island

The pretty beaches and laid back atmosphere, makes Pengkor the perfect place to explore on the west coast of Malaysia. The island can be reached by a 40 minutes ride from the Limit jetty, and I the sleepy fishing villages and dense foliage can be best explored on a motorbike.

4. Langkawi

Langkawi Beach

Considered to be the tropical gem of Malaysia, this congregation of about 100 islands acts like a magnet to couples and honeymooners, because of the wealth of natural beauty and top quality accommodation available here for them.

Activities in Langkawi, range from seeing cascading waterfalls, jungle trekking, cable car rides and last but not the least beautiful beaches with good infrastructure. Langkawi has a well connected airport, though ferries too ply here from major Malaysian destinations.

5. Kapas Island

Literally meaning cotton, Kapas is known for its soft cotton like beaches and easy going way of life. The island is still off the main tourist radar, but is a popular haunt for backpackers, who throng here simply to do nothing.

Kapas is accessible from Marang jetty by ferry. The area has plenty of small resorts, where one has either an option if sleeping in a dorm or camping outside on the sand under the stars.

6. Redang Island

Unlike Kapas, Redang is a favourite for big spenders, who flock the lovely resorts here to experience different adventurous underwater activities. Some of the most stunning coral reefs can be found here, which act as a magnet for divers and snorkelers.

For those seeking to discover what lies below the surface, there are kayaks available to access the designated diving spots. Redang is accessible by both ferry and speedboat from the Marang jetty.

We have highlighted six of the best and must visit isles of Malaysia, but we are sure there are many many more still just waiting to be discovered. So don your beachwear and favorite flippers and head to these amazing gems to have an experience like no other, before the crowds start moving in.

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