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What to Do with Your Vehicle When You Travel

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Whether you are planning a short trip or a long one, an important consideration you have to make, along with many the preparations is what to do with your vehicle when you go and travel.

So, before you leave, it would be wise to weigh in different related scenarios before you decide what to do. A deciding factor would be how long you plan to be away.

Short-Term Trip

If you plan to be away for only a few weeks to up to a month or two, leaving your car in your garage or parking lot would be your best option.

You can either take the taxi or get a friend to drive you to the airport so that you don’t have to worry about leaving your car in public parking spaces.  This also saves you with some of the unnecessary worries for your car, knowing that it is kept inside your own property.

Another option is leaving the vehicle at the airport parking lot. Of course, this means spending on the cost of leaving your vehicle at the airport.

But if you can leave your vehicle with a trusted friend who lives closer to the airport, then, you have someone to check your car once in a while, get it running, and make sure your car is in top shape. Plus, your taxi ride would be much cheaper that way.

Long-Term Trip

For long-term trips that require you to be a few a few months or years however, you will have to find the right solution for your vehicle as it is not the same as short-term trips where you will be needing and using your vehicle as soon as you get back.

Long-term trips spanning more than a few months can mean that you will have to consequently consider, long term storage rentals or selling your car.

Depending on the value of your vehicle and the money you’re willing to spend, you can pay to have your car stored in long term vehicle storage facilities or leave your car with someone who can use your car once in a while or check and make sure it is running smoothly and is in good shape.

If the idea of storing your vehicle does not appeal to you, you can simply sell your vehicle.  It would be practical to do so, considering that you are maintaining a vehicle that is totally useless to you until you get back.

Besides, letting someone else use your vehicle can also mean, you will have to deal with other unavoidable problems such as car repairs and maintenance costs. Additionally, you save money in the car insurance and depreciation costs if you sell your vehicle.

Traveling with Your Vehicle

If you decide however to drive your vehicle when you travel, there are some important things you need to check before you leave.

You must remember that whether you are driving a short distance or drive across the country, your vehicle must be in good condition before you go.  Hence, before hitting the road, get your vehicle checked.

A few days before the trip, take your car for a basic maintenance check-up.  Your car may need an oil change or tune up.  This is especially important so that your vehicle stays reliable and efficient throughout your trip.

You do not want an unnecessary vehicle breakdown in the middle of a trip which is supposed to be an enjoyable trip for you.

Additionally, make sure that your battery is charged and has clean terminals, and that your brakes are functioning well.  So have your brake pads checked to see if they are already worn out.

Remember also to be prepared for unexpected incidences.  Having an emergency kit containing flashlight, first-aid kit, water, and some snacks.

Having a GPS Navigation system can also help make traveling easy.  It helps get you to your destination more efficiently, avoid the traffic, find restaurants or gas stations along the way.

Having an audio system is not a must, but it will really be helpful. It helps you fight the boredom of traveling long hours. It also keeps you from dozing off behind the steering wheel.

More importantly, pack smart. Bring only what you need and make sure that you do no overload your vehicle.  Putting too much load in your car can make it difficult to handle your vehicle during emergency situations.

Fuel efficiency is also reduced when you bring too many things with you.  That being said, make a careful list of what you need and what is not as important.  Strategically choosing to bring only the essentials can help make traveling not only easy, but it also gives you more room and comfort inside your vehicle.


In a nutshell, the investment you make in purchasing your vehicle translates to how important your vehicle is to you. It is understandable that when you go away to travel, you make plans to ensure that your vehicle would still be in the condition that you left it.

Long term travel plans however, can also mean that you will have to necessarily make decisions based on what your budget would provide.  Whether you would want to sell your vehicle or opt for long term storage is totally dependent on your needs.

For others, using their own vehicle as a mode of transport when traveling is a choice.  However, one must make sure that before going on that journey, your vehicle is in top shape and condition so that you lessen the chances of transport related problems while you’re on the road.

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