Travelling To The British Virgin Islands


I love sailing trips and on most of my holidays I always plan to go on a sailing trip. I had heard a lot about the British Virgin Islands and how it is one of the most famous sailing destinations in the world. So I planned a trip to the British Virgin Islands (BVI for short). The place is one of the best for sailing according to me. There are many coves and it is a delight for snorkeling. There are many islands, you will not believe me if I say that in this day and age, some islands have not been explored by humans.

My trip in the BVI started at Tortola. I bought all that was necessary for the sailing trip and hopped on to the yacht. My first stop was Norman Island. This is a picturesque and wonderful island unpolluted by man. All sailing trips stop here to explore the island. The place looks like a place that would have been a pirate’s paradise. There are many people who look around for hidden treasure. Who knows there may actually be a treasure? I was however looking at nature’s treasure as this place provided me a lot of options to snorkel, which is one of my favourite pastimes. The coves are great and I had a wonderful time here.

My next stop was Guana Island. This island is paradise on earth according to me. Blue waters everywhere and clear white sand beckons everyone. I just swam in the clear waters for a long time and relaxed on the beach. Few others went to explore the island, but I just wanted to be near the waters and opted out of it. They came back after hiking around and told me that it was a fantastic place.

I also had the opportunity to visit Virgin Gorda Island. Here you can meet many local people and enjoy the food. I enjoyed the beach and then one of the local took me to the Baths. This is a place right out of heaven. Huge rocks hide pools and you should just visit it to understand the heavenly experience. It is a great place for couples to unwind.

I then proceeded to Jost Van Dyke. This is a must visit island though it is quite small. This place is one of the best for hiking. Just hike and look at the abundance that nature has to offer. If you want you can even tour the island by hiring cars. I hiked as I like to experience everything first hand rather than from the confines of a car.

I had opted for the British Vіrgіn Islands Cаtаmаrаn Chаrtеr to take me along BVI and it was an experience that I can never forget. There are other charters too that take you to BVI. All you need to do is check out the many travel websites and website that specialize in sailing charters. You can get even package deals as there are many deals available. During off season you can get very good deals.

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