Top Reasons to Explore Indian Wildlife

The wildlife of India contributes a lot to the travel and tourism of the nation. Being blessed with diverse variety of fauna and flora, Indian wildlife tour is an awe-inspiring experience to get a glimpse of the wide variety existing in the jungles. In case you still have doubts regarding wildlife expedition to India, just take a look at the points mentioned below.


Mesmerizing Lush Beauty

The Indian sub-continent preserves nature’s most beautiful and eminent gift – forests. The floral assortment of the forests is the top fascinating feature in the wildlife tour. There are different wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that help in conserving various wildlife species.

For instance, the Sundarbans National Park is acknowledged for having world’s largest mangrove forests, and has around 78 species of mangrove, which is the maximum on the planet. In addition to this, the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary is a home for varied beautiful flora genus that includes 172 of herbs, 43 of grasses, 49 of shrubs, 37 of under shrubs, 15 of orchids, 36 of climbers, 89 species of trees and 18 of ferns.

It is quite impossible for any tourist to avoid the majestic view of the green meadows gifted during the tour to Indian wildlife.

Vivid Wilderness

From beautiful birds to royal animals, from the little butterfly to the huge mighty elephant; the wildlife in India encompasses all. On one hand you can enjoy a magnificent walk of the furious predators and on the other splendid view of the birds singing in the woods. A wildlife tour to India is a perfect blend of adventure and sightseeing.

Yet again the national parks of the country contribute a lot in preserving the vivid wilderness. The Hemis National Park at Jammu and Kashmir is known for offering the sight of the rare and glorious snow leopards and one can have a glance of 364 species of birds at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. The endangered Siberian Crane is the top attraction at the sanctuary.

There are other sanctuaries and parks that preserve the endangered species of fauna and flora. The Royal Bengal Tigers is one such endangered fauna species that can be witnessed at Jim Corbett National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park and Sundarbans National Park.

Knowing the Nature from a Closer View

An Indian wildlife tour will bring you closer to nature. The picturesque natural beauty and fascinating assortment of flora and fauna will take your breath away. Further, this tour will make you aware about the varied wildlife species, their importance and efforts made for conservation. The tour makes you feel attached to nature; it takes you out from the noisy roads of the metro and lets you relax in the splendid and peaceful lap of Mother Nature.

Paradise for Wildlife Photographers

A walk though the flora and fauna species is not mere exploration; rather, it also serves as a blessing to the professional wildlife photographers. There is a diverse variety of mammals, birds, aquatic animals and much more to fascinate you. In addition to this, the scenic beauty is picture perfect and you simply can’t afford to miss a chance to capture the same in your photographic gear. There is a lot to see and explore in Indian wildlife; thus, you can get the best clicks of your career.

With so much to unveil when it comes to nature’s biodiversity, India is the best place for a wildlife tour. It is the magic of the rich wildlife that makes tourists fall for the place.

Anshul Srivastava is a wildlife lover cum blogger, who likes to travel to different national parks and wildlife sanctuaries across India.

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