The Many Uses of a Temporary Fabric Tent

Camping Tent Mountains

A tent is basically a structure made of some material draped over a framework of poles, or affixed to a supporting rope. Tents come in many sizes, from a single person size to humongous structures that can sit thousands of people. Depending on what you need a tent for, whether for a family camping trip or a solo excursion or even for a large scale program, all sizes are covered.

Apart from sizes, there is also the use to consider. A temporary fabric tent has many uses depending on its make or size…or both. There are tents intended for recreational camping and others meant for use by organizations for a particular program, for instance, the Red Cross. They will usually put up temporary fabric tents in the wake of a disaster so as to offer support to victims in form of first aid or food.

Recreational camping tents

There are two categories of camping tents.

  • Small ones that can fit inside a backpack – These ones are light enough to carry for long distance excursions and are easy to assemble and also dismantle. They can also be carried by bicycle or boat.
  • Lager and heavier ones that can house many people. These ones are too heavy and big to fit into a backpack. They can only be carried in a car or truck.

These types are easy to assemble and take very little time; usually between 5 and 25 minutes, depending on your experience and speed. You can opt for specialized tents that come with spring poles. These take even less time to assemble, but disassembling them may take a while.

Modern styles of tents

Modern fabric tents are available in a variety of styles and shapes. Some designs include:

  • Tunnel tent
  • Dome tent
  • Geodesic tent
  • Ridge tent
  • Pyramid tent

Modern materials are advantageous to the manufacturers as theyhave the leeway to experiment with various styles and shapes. They also give the following benefits:

  • Poles can be disassembled for ease of movement.
  • They are also malleable enough to hold the tent in the preferred design.
  • They do not require many guy ropes to secure them.
  • The guy ropes do not need to be precisely fixed.

Huge tents and marquees

These ones are massive in size and can sit thousands of people. They are not used for sleeping in or lugged around for camping purposes. Large tents like marquees are used for organisational and industrial purposes and also for events like weddings and large congregational gatherings. They are also hired by companies for corporate events.

Modern ones are made of polyethene material, which is a deviation from the traditional canvas. They are expensive to buy or hire and will more often be used for events that involvelarge gatherings of people.

Many events, whether large or small, require temporary shelters that can be quickly assembled and dismantled once the event is over and temporary fabric tents are the perfect solution to this need as they can be easily transported to the location when needed and also come in varieties and styles that add a festiveness and pomp to an event.

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