US Route 20 – A Great Route For Your Road Trip

US Route 20 Nebraska

Route 20 is one of the best routes to take a road trip in the US. The road stretches from Boston, Massachusetts to Newport, Oregon. It is well known for being the longest highway in the entire US. Route 20 has a historic background and has undergone upgrading works over the past few years. With the upgrading, the road has become better and better by the day.

There are a lot of attractions along the road to please your eyes starting with the scenic Finger Lakes in New York State and the rural landscapes of Central New York. These areas offer a good zone for sightseeing during the journey you are on. They especially give you that classic roadside view that would entice your eyes and give you more reason to carry on with the journey.

As you move to the west, you will go through the famous Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore which is a good zone for relaxing and taking a break from the longest highway. Route 20 passes through a major city by the name of Albany which is well known for political activities. It is the home to the well-known Capitol building and the state museum which will enable you to explore various cultures.

One interesting part you may probably encounter on your journey is a point called Lafayette where route 20 meets route 11. Both of these roads are the longest highways in America. The town is popularly referred to as the crossroads of New York.

Since route 20 is a very long highway, you would require adequate planning prior to making the trip. This would include choosing the right vehicle to use on the road trip. You can always get a vehicle to rent on the vehicle rental websites. When deciding which vehicle to choose for your road trip through route 22, you can look at the strength of the vehicle. The vehicle you choose should be able to cruise along various terrains including rough terrains. You should also pick a vehicle that has good interior finishing sure to keep you comfortable throughout your road trip as the stretch is long. Being comfortable on such a long trip is vital to ensure that you don’t strain that much and that you don’t develop complications during the journey.

Being a long trip you should also pack everything you would need in advance so that you don’t get inconvenienced at any given time. If you have kids, you should remember to pack their toys and accessories so that they don’t get bored during the long road trip.

Route 20 being the longest highway, it may be difficult to get water on transit as the stretch is long and constant. Therefore, you should consider carrying water and other soft drinks to quench your thirst during the journey. Even though there are food joints to grab a bite on the road, it is important that you have snacks ready especially if you are traveling with kids on your road trip.

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