Rome’s 5 Most Beautiful Hidden Sights

With Rome being such a big city, tourists tend to stick to the easiest option of following a typical tourist route that highlights city’s main attractions. Whilst this may be convenient, doing a bit of research and taking a deeper look into the secrets of Rome will give you the opportunity to uncover some of its most beautiful and mysterious gems that are well worth the visit to experience Rome’s true magic. With this in mind, here are some of Rome’s most charming and hidden attractions that will leave you with timeless memories.

1. The Fontanella in Villa Borhgese

Fontanella in Villa Borhgese

Photo by Carlo Gossini, 2002.

Many say that the water that comes from this unique fountain is the best in Rome, so why not find out for yourself? The Fontanella fountain is located on Viale Aranciera in Villa Borhgese gardens, near a lake. On the left side of the fountain you will find a spout where you can try the fresh water, after that head down to the nearby lake and rent a paddling boat to explore the beauty of the lake.

2. The Keyhole

The secret keyhole is both a curious and unique gem of Rome that is well worth the visit. The small but amazing keyhole can be found at Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta on Mount Aventine avenue and will shine a whole new light on ancient Rome. You are probably wondering what is on the other side of this mysterious door, but in order not to ruin the surprise, you will have to find that out for yourself!

3. Protestant Cemetery

A visit to the protestant cemetery is a great way to see Rome from a different perspective. It was built in the eighteen century for those inhabitants of Rome who weren’t Catholic and therefore could not be buried in Roman soil. The cemetery is a beautiful and peaceful getaway, and is also the place were English poets Percy Shelley and John Keats were buried.

4. Cat Sanctuary

If you are a lover of animals, especially cats, then this may just be the perfect hidden gem for you. Many homeless and abandoned cats have been taken in and cared for by local residents for over 20 years. The sanctuary has become somewhat of a refugee for stray and abandoned cats. It truly is an endearing and inspiring place to visit.

5. Porta Portese Market

The Porta Portese is a Roman flea market which is definitely worth visiting on a sunny Sunday morning. The market has many stalls which sell anything from antiques and furniture to bikes and pretty much everything! The flea market is open every Sunday morning for tourists and locals alike who are searching for a good bargain.

These are just a few of Rome’s most beautiful hidden sights that are often overlooked by tourists, all places of historical beauty that are well worth the visit for those looking to discover some of Rome’s most unique and secretive gems.

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