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Best Middle East destinations for Romantic Getaways

Middle Eastern countries have long been a tourist destination but not many preferred it for romantic getaways earlier. With the advent of luxury amenities and the colossal development of the destinations, the Middle Eastern cities are now on the wish list of many travelers for their honeymoon and looking for cozy romantic getaways.

If you are planning for a romantic holiday in the Middle East, here are the destinations you should look out for.


Dubai Landscape

Needless to say when we talk about the Middle East, Dubai comes to the mind as the most obvious destination to visit. It is vast, one of the most developed and is home to some of the best world record holding architecture. There’s so much to see, enjoy and have quality time with your partner that you might want to plan a longer visit to this larger than life city. What’s more? Now travelling to Dubai is easier than ever. The Dubai Visa regulations are so liberal that 33 nation residents don’t even require the Visa and the others can get it very easily. There are various initiatives carried out by the government to encourage more and more tourists enjoy the impeccable hospitality of this wonderful city.

3 Reasons you must visit Dubai for a romantic holiday:

  • One of the world’s best luxury spas, amenities and resorts are available in Dubai. The city is known for its impeccable hospitality and cuisine.
  • It has the perfect amalgamation of desert, water and snow (artificial, but one of its kind in the world with real penguins) to give you the best of everything.
  • Dubai offers the best of shopping, relaxation and fun filled activities to make your tour a complete success.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

The capital city of United Arab Emirates is expected to be bustling with a hectic lifestyle all year round but in reality Abu Dhabi is quite the opposite. Although it has everything needed to make it the capital of a rich nation, the city offers a quiet and cozy abode to the ones looking for a romantic getaway. Just a few hours away from the hub of Dubai, the city of Abu Dhabi comes as a pleasant surprise for the tourists. An Abu Dhabi tour can make you fall in love with the amazing skyline, white marble structures and the luxury lifestyle of the people of this amazing city that sits on the island just off the mainland from the Persian Gulf.

3 Reasons you must visit Abu Dhabi for a romantic holiday:

  • It has the collection of most romantic hotels and restaurants to satiate your body and mind.
  • The resorts in Abu Dhabi boast of unsullied locations and hospitality that offers personalized and exclusive services to make your holiday truly memorable.
  • The city has the perfect balance of activity and discreetness, perfect for the mood.


Istanbul Turkey

A magnificent city covered with water on three of its sides and the backdrop of 7 hills; Istanbul is a perfect destination for honeymooners and couples looking for a romantic retreat. The city boasts of gorgeous natural charms with architecture that can leave you awe struck. Not only are you sure to love the place for its beauty and hospitality, food is another factor that will add to a long lasting memory of Istanbul. Have exotic cuisine on the backdrop of stunning vistas with your partner in the historical city of Istanbul.

3 Reasons you must visit Istanbul for a romantic holiday:

  • It has one of the most exquisite hotels and dinning avenues to make your holiday just perfect.
  • It is the perfect place for both adventurous and laid back couples looking for a quality time together.
  • The local spots of Istanbul offer a perfect setting for a romantic getaway. Even the weather is perfect most parts of the year.


With its beauty lying in the shoreline of shallow waters, Bahrain is famous among the newlyweds and the romantics for its art spas, glamour and glitz. While the interiors are still not well developed, the major cities offer a cosmopolitan crowd. While you can enjoy romantic sunsets and dolphin watching on the coast of Manama, the country’s biggest city, Bahrain offers eventful night life with alcohol, sumptuous food and delectable desserts. The place offers stunning geography and boasts of some of the best resorts, spas and hotels to treat the guests with imperial hospitality and unparalleled service.

3 Reasons you must visit Bahrain for a romantic holiday:

  • The destination has a vibrant culture and is romantic all throughout the year.
  • While the destination has some of the finest resorts, even the budget hotels offer a good amount of luxury for its guests.
  • The social life unlike its UAE counterparts is more liberal and women can wear all types of clothing, not to mention that there is no ban on alcohol.


Slated to host the 22nd FIFA world cup, Qatar is soon gaining popularity amongst the tourists, thanks to its list of entertainment activities and a treasure of historical architecture. The destination offers various watersport activities, amazing skyline with beautiful skyscrapers and an insight into its culture and traditions. Whether it is the museum of Islamic art, amazing coastline, or traditional sport of camel racing; Qatar offers everything needed for a perfect getaway for one and all.

3 Reasons you must visit Qatar for a romantic holiday:

  • From jet skis to kite surfing, you get the best of beach and beach sports here.
  • From cultural heritage to the traditional bazaars, Qatar is a shopper’s delight.
  • It has a high mountain backdrop, exceptional sea coastlines and sleepy desert for offering.

From the futuristic cityscapes to the cultural oasis, the Middle Eastern part of the world has so much to discover and learn. For the romantics looking for a laid back and cuddly time together, it has some of the best destinations. The ones looking for adventure on their trip, Middle East packs the punch of both water and desert sporting activities. The rare combination of flora and fauna of the mountains on the backdrop, star gazing on the vast desert and soaking in the sun of the ocean coastline; the Middle East serves to be the best getaway for one and all.

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