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The Most Haunted Places on Earth

Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Weston State Hospital. Photo by Tim Kiser. License: CC BY-SA 2.5.

There are lots of mysteries going on in the world and there are also lots of mysterious places that the majority would love to avoid by all means. From cemeteries to Victorian witchcraft, it is true that the world is full of weird things and weird places and if you are an avid traveler who loves visiting new places, then I guess there are certain places you would not plan visiting, not unless you are a ghost chaser. In that regard, here is a look at the top most haunted places in the worlds:

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is considered to be very special to the supernatural world. When it was still in operation, the place was the residence of thousands of the most lunatic persons in the world and it is also the murder scene of hundreds of people who suffered from dementia. At the present times, people have a chance to tour the Asylum where they will find a clear history of all the patient murders, the horrible living conditions as well as the torturous experiments that took place there. This would be the last place you wish to be if you are the kinds of persons who are easily scared by guest stories since it is highly haunted and some of the spirits of the dead will not be very pleased with your presence there.

The Ancient Ram Inn

If you are planning for online passport renewal for a trip to England, and if you have a desire to visit one of the most haunted places in the world, then you should think about making a trip to Gloucestershire and visit the Ancient Ram Inn. The Inn apparently has a high number of owners and this has raised concerns about it. The structure was constructed on a pagan burial ground, and it has come to be known the world over for its plethora of unsettling environment. In as much as you will not spot any ghosts in the pub, you will have an encounter with dark and demonic spirits who hand out at the pub because of the practices and the witchcraft traditions that happened on the spot before the pub was built.

The Sultan’s Palace

During the 1800s, there were a lot of dark arts in New Orleans and these created several opportunities for murderers’ practices in the region. During this time, word has it that there was a very rich man who turned into hobby the act of kidnapping children and women. The man was polygamous with several wives and he partied a lot, during which he derived great pleasure in torturing his captives when he was high on opium. Though the neighbors complained a lot about his actions, his activities went on unabated, until one day a stranger broke into the house, and murdered everyone in the house. The rich man was then buried alive, and the Palace has since remained haunted by the spirits of the people who suffered and ultimately lost their lives there.

Edinburgh Castle

Some of you may wonder how such a fortress could be in the list of the most haunted places on earth, but once you read the story, you will understand how Edinburgh Castle found itself on this list. In this castle, you will find it associated with almost all kinds of the dark world. These ranges from the burning of witches as well as the exhilarating escape of a duchess. The history behind the castle makes it a perfect place for all kinds of paranormal activities. But you should take a lot of caution, though. If you go wandering in the castle, you may encounter very scary experiences that might shake you right to the core. It is no wonder that the castle has always startled most visitors, but this is rightly understandable given that the castle has had a taste of the black plague.

Poveglia Island

Many are the places you can visit in Italy after online passport renewal, but we can bet that none of them will be Poveglia Island unless you consider yourself a certified ghost chaser. This was the official quarantine for the Bubonic Plague and the government sent all the affected people for isolation to this island. Thousands of people met their death on this island and due to the pain and the sufferings they went through, their spirits have refused to settle, and they still hover around the island up to this date. Currently, the island is closed both for the locals and tourists, though access can be given to ghost chasers who would like to visit for research purposes.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

We all know what happened in the German Nazi concentration camps and we have heard about the heart-searings that happened in Auschwitz concentration camps. Millions of people lost their lives here due to the barbaric actions of their captors. The torturous experiments, the starvations, and the gas chambers caused unexplainable pains in this place and it suffices to say that the spirits of all those who perished in this camp have never settled since it is one of the most haunted places on earth.

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill is in East Lancashire in England, and a glance from a distance will reveal a very beautiful landscape for you. However, it has a very scary aura and getting to the hill for the very first time will treat you to an unsettling and a very tarrying experience. During the 1600s, the hill as a safe haven for witchcraft and sorcerers. The witches made their living through begging, extortions, and healing. However, each of them was later convicted for ten counts of murder for their actions and out of the 11 that got convicted, 10 of them had a date with the hangman’s noose, and ever since, the hill has been a rich site for paranormal activities.

Mary King’s Close

The Mary King’s Close is another most haunted place on in the world, and I guess no one would go for online passport renewal to come and experience the paranormal activities in this place. The place used to be known as the underground warren and it was a frequent lodging for some of the shrewd traders in Scotland. The close was hit by the plague and the affected traders faced very agonizing deaths, leaving the place with a huge imprint of paranormal activities which are still being felt to this day. If you have the guts to visit the close, then some of the experiences you can expect to have include scenes of rotting corpses, hallucinations, vivid dreams and very scary ghost encounters.

Photo of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum by Tim Kiser. License: CC BY-SA 2.5.

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