The Golf Lover’s Guide To Portugal

Golf Morning Haze Portugal Algarve

If you’re more of a putter than a lounger, this golf lover’s guide to Portugal should have plenty of inspiration for you when you head to the sunny destination with your clubs in tow.

Here are the best resorts and hotels in the country, perfect to visit whether you’re just heading abroad to get away from it all or if you’re doing something more exciting such as searching for property in Vilmoura, offering all the green you could need (as well as a nice pool for the rest of the family to enjoy while you’re off playing a round or two).

The three best resorts to consider

Vidago Palace, Vidago

This place is where luxury is defined and the golf courses have been carefully curated with every type of player in mind. Set in a stunning natural landscape, the lush green courses are challenging but exhilarating to play and consist of 10 par 4 holes with a total distance of 6.308 m. The resort also offers an exclusive deal to visitors, with its partnership with other Porto Golf destinations allowing members to choose from a range of hotels to visit and play.

Vale do Lobo, Algarve

This resort offers two 18 hole courses – the Royal and the Ocean – but they are both equally breathtaking and challenging enough to keep you occupied. Golf packages are available at this location and the rates include a discount on golf equipment plus the spa, fitness center and the 15 restaurants and bars on the resort.

If you’re more of a spectator, the resort also features exclusive events throughout the year including the popular Vale do Lobo Knockout week and Amateur Week, where members and visitors can take place in a friendly golfing competition.

Penina Golf Resort, Portimao

If you’re heading to Portugal as a family and both you and your partner play then this is the best resort, as a team of 15 people are on hand to look after your children while you’re out on the green.

The staff at the resort also take care of your equipment and store it while it’s not in use, deodorise your shoes after each round and the hotel is kept in immaculate order. It’s the resort to head to if you’re looking for those special touches, as well as a stunning course to play on.

Things to make note of and pack for your golf holiday

  • Check if you need to take your own clubs – you’ll always play better with your own kit but sometimes it can simply cost too much to take them on the plane as baggage with you. Check ahead to see if you can rent out similar style clubs at the resort or hotel you’re staying at, or check to see how much it will cost to take them, BA charges more for golf kits if they weigh over 23 kg.
  • Pack plenty of sun cream – it’s no secret Portugal gets warm and a day out on the green could leave you red faced in both senses of the phrase if you don’t prepare.
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