Five Fantastic Trips for Photographers in Southern Africa


Filled with wondrous wildlife, interesting cultures, and enthralling adventures, Africa is a visionary buffet for photographers on the hunt for epic shots. Travelling, more specifically to the southernmost countries of the continent, should find you in photo shoot locations nothing short of amazing. Here are five dream destinations in Southern Africa fantastic for photographers.

Okavango Delta in Botswana

Finding itself on the list of The Seven Natural Wonders of Africa, the breathtaking Okavango Delta in Botswana hardly surprises. The large swampy theatre displays live shows of battles between hyenas and lions fighting over dead hippos. Seemingly gruesome, the Okavango Delta offers nature in its purest form and the gentler happenings. The Moremi Game Reserve comes highly recommended for capturing these true wildlife experiences.

Sani Pass In Lesotho

For the mountain pass of all mountain passes, situated between Lesotho and Kwa-Zulu Natal visit the picturesque Sani Pass. Dosed with scenic views, sprinkled with imaginative waterfalls and decorated with spectacular 4×4 terrains, Sani pass has all the ingredients for a photographer’s paradise. The Underberg in Sani Pass is also listed as one of the few locations in Southern Africa to experience snow. So, if the odds are in your favour, you may find the magnificent natural landscape covered in white. For accommodation, visit the better ranked Sani Pass Mountain Lodge.

Pondoro Safari Game Lodge in South Africa

South Africans are spoilt for choice with adventures and breathtaking views. And for the professional or Instagram-enthusiast, Pondoro Safari Game Lodge encapsulates and satiates the photographer’s appetite. Not the roughest and toughest game lodge, instead Pondoro offers a more luxurious experience of South Africa’s wildlife. Located in the Greater Kruger Park region, witness the Big Five on their ambrosial treks or seize the sunset on one of most idyllic luxury African safaris.

The Deadvlei in Namibia

Once a marsh, now a just an arid desert echoing the life that once was. It may sound a bit morbid, but there is a truthful beauty exuded by the Deadvlei, epitomising the dark and light of nature. With skeletal trees adorning the dunes and clear blue skies watching over it, one of Namibia’s most popular tourist sites is a must-visit for photographers. The orange sand dunes reach over 400 metres high and it is said to be the highest in the world. Situated near Sossusvlei, walking across the desert takes about 30 minutes and many tours are available for capturing its essence.

Victoria Falls On The Border of Zambia and Zimbabwe

Southern Africa is home to one of the greatest waterfalls on earth – the Victoria Falls. Travelling to the spectacular site on the Zambezi River, sees the glorious water curtain falling from heights of over 108 metres – giving ample opportunity to unharness the camera. Also known as ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ (The Smoke that Thunders), the Victoria Falls creates a perfect setting for action or adventure shots with all its thrilling activities offered. From bungee jumping to sunset boat trips on the Zambezi, taking remarkable pictures shouldn’t be that difficult.

From 360 panoramic views to extraordinary landscapes, these Southern African locations are noteworthy sweet spots for the passionate photographer

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