Enjoy an Exotic Holiday in KwaZulu-Natal Without the Exorbitant Price Tag

KwaZulu Natal Drakensberg

KwaZulu-Natal is a travel destination for everyone. It is perfect for family vacations, romantic getaways and exciting adventure holidays. Whether you are looking for a fun location to spend time with your kids, or you are searching for a romantic spot for your winter wedding. KZN will come through with surprising places, with some of the most picturesque landscapes. While KZN is the non-budging leader of the South African tourism landscape, it is also home to the 700-acre tropical estate and resorts Zimbali. This tropical coastal estate is home to everything South Africa is famous for. There are rolling lush green fields, virgin forests, white beaches and a gorgeous view of the Indian Ocean.

How to book a luxurious holiday without paying a hefty price?

Zimbali is a land of luxury and exclusivity. It has the forest estate and the golf estate, along with the residential part. The residence is not only open to the permanent residents of the state, but also to the travelers who would love to sample the elegance of the estate lifestyle. Are you interested in traveling to this exclusive land of beauty and nature? The South African summers are warm and lively. People from all over the world travel to this country and this location to experience the pristine white beaches and the rumbling ocean.

Why is Zimbali the best vacation spot for everyone?

Zimbali is the hotspot of vacation activities including tennis, swimming, golfing, horse riding, family safaris, bird watching, butterfly watching, nature walking and, of course, relaxing massages. In short, you and your family will have a gala time, irrespective of the differences in your interests and hobbies. Everyone will find something they like, and you will never spend one minute bored or zonked out. Moreover, some excellent shops and markets offer a wide selection of curios, magazines, clothing, food, and chocolates for you to take back as memoirs.

What is the best time to visit Zimbali, KZN?

There is no off-season for Zimbali. The weather is always pleasant thanks to its proximity to the sea. The real feel of the place stays between 22-degrees and 32 degrees throughout the year. The surf temperature ranges between 18-degrees and 24-degrees around the year, making the beaches ideal for swimming and sunbathing. There is always a cool breeze coming from the sea that makes the entire North Beach quite the haunt for the local populace and the tourists.

Why Zimbali?

The Zimbali Coastal Resorts are always a stone’s throw away from the beach and the ocean. You will never be too far from the main hubs of the city, at the same time, you will always be close enough to the forest, hills and the sea to take a breather at a minute’s notice. Zimbali is the place for every nature lover, adventure fiend, and family person. If you are looking for a foreign vacation spot on a budget, you can go to Zimbali in the KwaZulu-Natal province.

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