Dalmatia: The Mediterranean Paradise

Dubrovnik, Croatia

I know you are planning taking your next holiday destination in the coast of Dalmatia. It is one of the best destinations to spend the summer holiday with friends, family as you interact with people from Croatia. Dalmatia is a region in the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. It is one of the largest and most famous historical regions in Croatia. It is a land of sun, olives, warm sea, fish and songs that is located in the southern part of Croatia. As tourist hub, Dalmatia has good connections with most European destinations which make vacation in this place to be as easy as you would imagine.

Main attractions

As a coastal tourist destination town, Dalmatia is rich in tourist attraction features. Talk of the culture of the Croatia people, many islands, crystal clear water and the famous Mediterranean cuisine. Some of the popular places to visit include Zadar, Sibenik, Split, and the old city of Dubrovink. These are stunning medieval towns with a lot of coastal boulevards, monasteries, marble mountains, renaissance, gothic and monuments such as the baroque. National parks, attractive Riveras, and other resorts spread all over the Dalmatia coast. Accommodations and entertainment are high class and second to no other. The hotel village Sagitta, Croatia villas are part of the many places to relax with your family and friends.

Split Town Center, Croatia

Best ways to get around

The Dalmatia coast is famous because of large number of cruise liners and charter fleets that visit the region. You can cruise Dalmatia from one island to another, it’s simple and easy. For example, you can take a cruise to the northern part of Dalmatia to experience the numerous magnificent structures. For instance, taking a cruise to Vodice, north of Dalmatia, can be a good travel experience. This place is popularly known for being a cruise destination. Also, a visit to the Hvar Island can be exciting. It is one of the longest islands in Croatia that features a beautiful and expansive coastline. The clear beaches in this island are good for sun bathing and cool evening walks.

Adriatic Croatia Summer

Dalmatian cuisine

Taking a cruise to Dalmatia can seem incomplete without experiencing food that is cooked by experts and inculcated with the Croatian culture. The cuisine choice is very expansive. You can choose from a wide variety including the Greek fare, Eastern European favorites, and the Italian delicacies and many more. The choice of expertly prepared food is not limited. The smell and the scent of foods keep the appetite of the visitors at par. You might end up spending more than you intended when it comes to dishes. The hospitality of the staff in the Dalmatian resorts and hotels is one of its kinds. Treats and state of the art services is never debatable. The staff focus on making all the guests feel at home. They make you get the best experience during your stay in Dalmatia.

Fish Market

The Dalmatia coast is long with numerous and beautiful Mediterranean islands, fun filled activities, historical sites, and great cuisine. All these and many others make the Dalmatia cities to be a top pick for any tourist who is planning to cruise to any place around the Adriatic Sea. Plan to visit Dalmatia during your next holiday vacation to experience all of these and many more.

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