Colorado: An Adventurer’s Paradise

Horseback Riding

Colorado is a standout American state. Centred on the urban area of Denver, the great state of Colorado plays host to some of the wildest landscapes in the Union. As a result, the state is an adventurer’s paradise. In this state, you can pursue practically any outdoor activity you can dream of.

Horseback Riding

The relationship between humans and horses goes back millennia. What’s more, the American culture would have hardly gotten going without them.

But despite the age of horses only ending about a century ago, few of us in the modern world have ever experienced what it’s like to ride a horse. If you’re an adventurer and want to ride a horse through the Wild West surrounded by breathtaking scenery, Colorado is the place to do it.

The ranches and stables dotted throughout the state all offer different treks. These range from the beautiful and sublime to the exhilarating, depending on your ability.


Snowmass is just a small village near to the Colorado Rockies. But Snowmass the ski location is one of Colorado’s most prized jewels. The small village of Snowmass sits at the foot of four of the most raved about ski slopes in the whole of the state. Aspen Highlands, Aspen Mountain, Snowmass and Buttermilk are all crammed into the same immediate area. This means that you get the skiing opportunities of four holidays in one. Awesome!


Colorado Lost Lake

Hiking has become one of the biggest outdoor pursuits in the US. And for this reason, Colorado is appealing.

Top hiking locations include Buena Vista, Fort Collins and Durango. From these locations, you’ll be able to pick up trails that take you high into the mountains. Plus, there’s something for everyone. If you’re just looking for a quick half a mile walk around a lake, you’ll find it. If you’re looking for an epic 100-mile trek over some of the most stunning scenery in the world, you’ll find it too.

There’s plenty of variation in the difficulty of the hiking on offer. For those that aren’t as fit, there are plenty of walks that can be done across flat terrain.

Rock Climbing

If you’ve ever been rock climbing before, you’ll know how physically demanding a sport it can be. Even though you’re up there in a harness, you still feel like you have to cling on for dear life. As a result rock climbing can be exhausting, so it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Having said this, if you do have the fitness, rock climbing in Colorado is a unique experience. Because the state is littered with natural rock formations conducive to climbing you get to have a genuine experience. In other words, you’re climbing real mountains and not some artificial wall in a leisure centre.

Mountain Biking

Thanks to all its mountains and chair lifts, Colorado is a popular location for those wanting a mountain biking adventure. The state is cross-crossed by sublime singletrack that is sure to put a grin on your face. The best locations for downhill mountain biking include Breckenridge, Snowmass and Steamboat in the summer.

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