Best Backpacking Destinations This Summer

Best Backpacking Destinations
Best backpacking destinations. Image credit: Adobe Stock.

Summer is the perfect time for adventure, but you should aim to do something truly unique this year. If you haven’t tried them before, destination backpacking trips are among the best ways to see the world. So fasten your hiking boots and learn how to pack a backpacker’s first aid kit to discover the best backpacking destinations the world has to offer this summer. Here’s a rundown of our top picks for your next backcountry expedition.

The Majestic Alps

If postcard-perfect views and a plethora of well-traveled routes are your thing, the Alps should be your fortress of solitude. Stretching across eight European countries, the Alps boast a network of trails that can cater to every kind of backpacker. From the gentle slopes of the Dolomites to the fierce peaks of Mont Blanc, it’s an opportunity to soak in the diversity of the European landscape. Just be ready to brave the crowds, especially during the summer.

Scottish Highlands

For a more rugged experience, look no further than the Scottish Highlands. This untamed wilderness is a sanctuary for hikers seeking a raw, almost primal connection with nature. The iconic West Highland Way and the Great Glen Way are just the tip of the iceberg; the real treasures lie off the beaten path. Discover remote lochs, imposing munros, and ancient remnants of Caledonian forests. Who knows? You might just hear the haunting call of a Highland stag during your midnight trek.

Taiwan’s Diverse Trails

Taiwan might not be the first name that comes to mind for backpacking, but it’s a hidden gem of trails waiting to be explored. The island’s compact size makes it possible to hike from the tropical coastlines to alpine forests within a day. The famous Taiwan Coast Trail offers stunning ocean vistas, while the Taroko Gorge and Yushan mountain trails showcase the island’s more rugged side. Don’t forget to indulge in the rich local cuisine and the warm hospitality of Taiwan’s mountain tribes.

The Lost City of Colombia

If you fancy a side of archaeology with your hike, the Lost City trek in the heart of the Colombian jungle is a must. Far removed from civilization, this challenging trek takes you through dense rainforests, over burbling streams, and past indigenous villages. The reward at the end is the ancient Tayrona city ruins, which predate Machu Picchu. It’s a historical experience that’s not for the faint of heart.

Alaska’s Backcountry

Last but certainly not least, Alaska’s backcountry is one of the best backpacking destinations this summer for those who desire the ultimate in untamed wilderness. Accessible via small planes or ferries, the trails here offer a frontier experience that’s unmatched in the United States. Denali National Park’s vast expanse holds North America’s highest peak and a chance to encounter its wildlife in its natural habitat. The only caveat? Be ready for longer days depending on how far north you go.

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