The Adventure Holidaymaker’s Guide to Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar Pagoda Temple

As a place that’s only just become accessible recently, Myanmar (Burma) is an area that’s only just being discovered by tourists. That’s why it’s a great place for those who are looking for a unique holiday where they can uncover hidden gems and immerse themselves in the culture of the country.

With so much to discover, including hidden temples, floating markets and tribal villages, this destination is perfect for someone looking for an adventure. And the type of adventure you go on depends on what tour you take:

Travel Around on Two Wheels

Companies like Exodus Travels Limited are offering holidaymakers the chance to discover this stunning location on two wheels. Travelling around this area on your bike gives you the chance to take in all of the sights it has to offer you, including Inle Lake and the Thousand Temples of Bagan.

Throughout your journey you’ll also uncover stunning scenery and traditional villages that remain completely unspoilt by tourism. Venturing on back roads for the majority of the time, this is a great way to see Myanmar and its cultural history.

Trek Around on Your Own Two Feet

If you don’t fancy cycling but you do want to uncover its hidden beauty one step at a time, there are also trekking holidays available to Myanmar. With this type of tour you’ll be able to discover Bagan’s mystical temples and trek in the Chin Hills, which are so remote they remain completely unspoilt. You can even chat to the local Chin people, discovering a culture that still remains unknown to many today.

Take in Everything on an Organised Tour

Finally, if you want to make sure you’ve covered everything during your adventure holiday to Myanmar, why not opt for an organised tour that will take you to all of the must-see locations. This doesn’t mean you’ll only be heading to all of the local tourist spots as Myanmar’s culture is still distinguished within these locations because tourism is still relatively new there.

Travelling around Burma you’ll be able to take in a number of temples; see stunning sunsets and sunrises in the best locations, e.g. Mandalay Hill; and explore a number of forgotten villages by boat.

Whichever way you travel around Myanmar, you’re sure to discover something that takes your breath away. With such a vivid culture and stunning natural beauty, this place is waiting to be discovered by all types of adventure holidaymakers, from cyclists to trekkers.

Paddy Crier is a 22 year old history graduate keen to share his travel ambitions and experiences in informal yet informational contributions to this site. He has in the past stayed in a variety of accommodations ranging from luxurious 5 star hotels to the most basic of youth hostels, in destinations all around the world including Paphos, Paris, London Sardinia, New York and Amsterdam. His contributions are not limited to these locations however as he has a an in-depth knowledge of many other countries and cities and aims to inspire fellow travel enthusiasts to pursue their travel ambitions!

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