7 Best Cycling Routes in France

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France is famous for its great network of highways and avenues, making it perfect for cycling. This, after all, is the country where the world-famous Tour de France is done annually. These seven cycling routes are trails you can follow if you want to enjoy your cycling experience in this nation:


There is a joke that says Tour de France participants make wine tasting stops in Burgundy when they pass through the region. While this is something that is not advisable, it does underscore the appeal of Burgundy to cyclists.

Burgundy, which is central to the production of Old World wine, is gaining ground as among the best cycling destinations in Europe. What is not to like? Scenic views? Check! Wide road? Check! Small population? Check! Not to mention that the food is acclaimed by both French and international tourists.

Among the best parts of this route is the 63-kilometer stretch of road between Santenay and the city of Dijon.


Normandy may be familiar to you because of a few important moments in history. What makes this region a must-try is the chill seaside life that you can feel in the area. Through the Deauville Loop, you will be able to bike through gorgeous prairie that then turns into green forests. You will then be taken to what is called as the “Parisian Riviera,” the resort town called Deauville,” where you can appreciate the beauty of the coast.

The route is not difficult too so cyclists in all parts of the spectrum of biking skills will be able to enjoy.

Atlantic France

If you are craving to get out of continental France and cycle somewhere, the island of Ile de Re presents a most opportune experience. This small island off the coast of Bordeaux has its own dedicated bike lanes that are strategically placed along the sea.

You can follow the Route du Sel, a cycling route that takes you all over the island. When you finish the route, you will have seen villages that could well have been frozen in the past. You can also make a stop in the port city of Saint Martin de Re.

Bordeaux and Dordogne

You can never go wrong with cycling along a river. In these two regions, the best cycling option would be to follow the picturesque Dordogne River. You can start your journey from Saint-Emilion and do a 73-kilometer trek to the Chartreuse du Bignac.

History is a selling point for this cycling route as you will be able to do stops at the former Hundred Years War battlefield of Castillon-la-Bataille and the pristine vineyards of Montbazillac.

This particular route is known for facilitating a smooth ride for cyclists, which is why it is popular among bikers from all over the continent.

The Loire Valley

Cyclists who also double as fans of castles and other related architectural work will be impressed with the number of such figures in this route. Beyond that, the small country roads that can be found in this area boost its appeal among bikers.

The 55 kilometer stretch of road from the Domaine de la Tortiniere and the Chateau du Rivau especially presents the best views of the many chateaus and gardens that dot the area.


Among the most used cycling routes in France is the one in the Petit Luberon Valley of Provence. You will be able to ride through historic villages like the Bonnieux and can even have the chance to take pictures at a Roman bridge that has been standing for more than 2000 years.

There are opportunities to find hidden gems too. You really just have to look as you can stray from the usual path without any danger. However, it is best to start from the Rue des Remparts and then end at the La Bastide de Marie.


The winding roads in the region of Alsace may prove tricky for a beginner but the vibrant views and villages that you can visit along the way will make the ordeal worth it. This region is already the easternmost for France so you can already hear some tinge of German when people speak, making it a great way to learn about the culture as well. Start your biking trip from Ottrott and then end your long trek by dining at the famous Michelin restaurant of the Hotel des Berges.


Cycling is always a great fun and if it is in a beautiful and famous route like the ones mentioned above, the fun will be never-ending and unforgettable. Choose from these comfort bikes for men or cool and perfect bicycle for women and plan your next bicycle trip to one of these famous France routes.

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