6 Reasons To Visit Belgrade In The Spring

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, which translates as the “White City” is the beautiful capital of modern Serbia. The city stands at the confluence of Danube and Sava rivers. To visit Belgrade is to visit the very heart of historical Europe. Arguably one of the oldest known civilizations in the world was centered just north of Belgrade, in Vinca. Belgrade itself is in such an influential position that it has been fought over hundreds of times, and razed to the ground repeatedly. Of course, it is always rebuilt, and in finer style. Surprisingly, much of the city’s ancient past has survived the vicissitudes of centuries of European conflict.

1. Pleasant Weather

Belgrade lies just north of the 44th parallel, and as a result enjoys four distinct seasons. The average temperatures from May to September are beautifully warm, staying above 20 degrees Celcius during the day. Spring and Autumn deliver perfect walking weather, being neither too hot nor too cold, and although it gets colder in the winter, the temperatures rarely drop down too far. Belgrade in spring is particularly gorgeous, the city’s rivers are swollen with the winter snow-melt, and the spring rains bring the abundant vegetation to vibrant life.

2. Amazing Parks In Bloom

Belgrade has a number of delightful parks, some of which were constructed recently, and some of which are as old as Belgrade itself. Hyde Park, Topcider Park, and the most famous of all, Kalemegdan, are all well worth a visit. On a sunny day you will find them full of Belgraders, young and old, who are enjoying the rolling hills and ancient forests of the town. The seasonal weather with its mild temperatures means that there are all manner of beautiful plants and vegetation throwing their beautiful colours in the air.

3. Magnificent Sights

Kalemegdan, Belgrade, Serbia

The aforementioned Kalemegdan Park should be first on the list of places to visit. It encompasses much of what was once the citadel – the very heart of the city. Here you can see the remains of Roman fortifications, and several of the famous twenty-three gates of the city. Belgrade is a city with a rich history, which means that wherever you go there is something to discover. From medieval walls to the statue of Prince Mihailo lll on Republic square, to the old fortress clock tower… and don’t forget the Cathedral Church of Saint Michael the Archangel.

4. Non-Stop Entertainment

As a vibrant European capital, Belgrade never sleeps. It’s nightlife has grown extensively over the last few years, and you will find countless bars, night clubs and cafes open at all hours. If you take an evening stroll along the barges you will find yourself with a plethora of night time entertainment choices, including casinos and cabarets. The Great Hall at the Sava center is the top spot for live performances and cinema showings.

5. Accomodation For Every Budget

No matter how big your budget is, you can easily find accommodation to suit you in Belgrade. There are options ranging from hostels to low budget hotels. Air BnB is another low cost choice. If you want to splash a little more cash, there are also luxury five-star hotels to choose from. Belgrade is a city on the up, and it has something to offer everyone from the backpacker all the way to those who must have 24 hour room service, fluffy towels, and enormous en suite facilities.

6. Delicious Food

You will find all manner of delectable delights here in Begrade, it really is a foodie’s paradise. Naturally, the menus vary slightly with the seasons. In spring you will find the cuisine coming alive with a range of lighter dishes on offer alongside the traditional winter fare.

Belgrade is a city that is really on the up. The recent conflicts in this area are now firmly in the past, and the city is returning to its status as one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan of the capitals of Europe, and rightly so.

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