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6 Places Worth an Instagram

Instagram is quickly becoming the front runner on the social media scene, but there’s one posting faux pas that will land you with few followers despite the platform’s popularity: posting boring pictures.

Sure, not every day in life is an adventure, but if people are going to follow along with pictures of the tiny minutiae of everyday life, that minutiae better be pretty. However, some of the most popular types of pictures on Instagram are without a doubt travel photos.

When people are scrolling through their feed they want to be transported (whether they realize it or not) in to a scene that is better than the one they’re currently in. Here are some scenes that are definitely worth an Instagram post:

Iceland’s Largest Lake

First of all, if you’re taking a trip to Iceland, you should Instagram everything because the entire country is gorgeous.

Secondly, while you’re there you’re going to want to visit Thingvallavatn Lake, Iceland’s largest lake because it’s basically the thing that travel and wanderlust dreams are made of.

And make sure to make use of any Panorama features you posses on your camera, you won’t want to leave any mountains, shorelines or trees out of the shot.

Thingvallavatn Lake, Iceland's largest lake. Photo by

Thingvallavatn Lake, Iceland’s largest lake. Photo by

Disney World

A trip to Disney is so much more than the Magical Kingdom. You’ve got Epcot, the Animal Kingdom and the resorts that offer everything from luxury spa packages to some of the best golf excursions in the state.

Whether you post the grand buildings, an action shot or the scenery, you’ll be sure to have your followers captivated, and wishing they were you!

Sydney Garden Bar

Alright, let me state one of my biggest pet peeves on Instagram. When someone shares a picture of any old generic cocktail or glass of wine, and that’s it.

We get it, we all like to enjoy a drink, but show us a picture of the awesome bar you’re sitting in or something else that makes this drink a unique experience.

One place where I’m dying to enjoy an afternoon glass of wine at is the Sydney Garden Bar. Tucked away on to a terrace at the Harbour Rocks Hotel, this little slice of paradise looks like a rainforest compared to the surrounding bustling city. Now that’s an Instagram shot we would love to take.

Portland International Airport

While it isn’t your final destination, if you happen to pass through the Portland International Airport you’ll definitely want to take a moment to soak it all in.

The design and the great dining and shopping experiences you can find in this airport are definitely picture worthy. Why take a picture of the same old “up in the sky” shot (you know, the one with the tip of the airplane wing peeking out) when you could take a picture of your out-of-this-world looking terminal.

High Tea in Melbourne

Beautiful tablescapes, delicate culinary treats and a steaming cup of tea makes for a delectable Instagram shot.

Not only will you get to experience an event with a historically rich tradition (the term high tea was first used around 1825, to signify that the tea time was later in the day), but there are many beautiful and historic locations in the greater Melbourne area to choose from too.

One of our favorites is the Hotel Lindrum, which serves High Tea at felt restaurant. Not only is the food amazing (you have to try their macaroons), the hotel itself offers some pretty gorgeous decor and architecture.

Pier One Sydney Harbour

Have a friend getting married or planning your own nuptials? Well, you may want to check out Pier One Sydney Harbour as a potential venue because the views simply can’t be beat.

With waterfront dining rooms with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the harbor and the skyline and every photo opportunity evoking the epitome of romance, the Pier One Sydney Harbour is a no brainer.

Pier One Sydney Harbour. Photo by One Sydney Harbour. Photo by

Now that you’ve got a good case of wanderlust, what are you waiting for? Start booking your next trip!

Just make sure to post your pics and tag us, you know, so we can wistfully armchair travel while we type our little fingers away.

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Freya Tonks works as a Digital Media Analyst. She is a writer, graphic design artist, and award-winning photographer. She has had work appearing in popular Sydney photographic prizes, including Head On Portrait Prize and The Moran. When she’s not intriguing strangers with her writing, she’s most likely at the beach giving surfing a go or café hopping around Sydney to find the best coffee.

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