5 Reason You Should Definitely Teach in Thailand

Thailand Beach

Thailand is one of the best destinations to teach English, along with China.

Picture this! People are attracted to exotic destinations and their wild wonders. So, what’s stopping you from travelling to this exotic place and live your dreams?

All it takes is your English skills and in no time you will be teaching English in the amazing Thailand! Isn’t that amazing!

Don’t believe me? Let me convince you. Read on.

Thailand is everyone’s best friend!

Thailand is like the “popular kid” in the classroom. Every country wants to have the best relationship with Thailand.

Located right in the south—eastern Asia, Thailand is one of the biggest countries in that area. It is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. People are travelling to experience its famous nightlife, amazing weather, and cheap accommodations.

Sometimes travelers stay more than they plan while travelling across Asia. Thailand’s tropical beaches are addictive. Because of this many countries are glad to have a good relationship with Thailand.

Their food is awesome

If their food doesn’t convince you, nothing will. Becoming an English teacher in Thailand you will get a chance to try one of the best cuisines in the world.

Most travelers explain that it is a mixture of spices and veggies with meat, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. Imagine, in that mixture some papaya, lemongrass, ginger, and many more surprises.

The best thing about Thailand and its food is that it is always fresh! From fried fish to grilled pork. And for people who like curry there are the variety of flavors: sour, sweet, hot, salty. Everything is on the menu, and it’s fresh every day, all day.

Even better news is that it’s cheap. The same plate of curry that you read about costs around 1.20$. To most countries that is very cheap.

The Sun loves Thailand

Leave your jacket and boots at home! Pack some swim trunks and sunglasses, because the weather here is wonderful. Thailand is everyone’s favorite destination because of its constant warm temperature. Perfect for those relaxing moments after a hard day’s work.

Becoming an English teacher in Thailand you can enjoy a nice drink on the beach after a fun day of educating. It’s a dream job, to be able to relax and take a little swim on a nice warm afternoon while getting paid.

For people who like a little bit of adventure, Thailand has a rainy season. Most travelers describe it as stunning and mind-blowing. The warm weather gives you an opportunity to enjoy Thailand to the fullest potential. Remember that it rains from time to time.

Culture is unique and mind-blowing

Much like the food the historical landmarks are breathtaking. Beautiful countryside and extraordinary beaches are only a spark of the whole fire.

Their culture is also known in the world as the culture of “dance”, and it’s a great experience. Take a chance to learn some steps, for fun. There a many of festivals and events that are celebrated every month, and everyone can take a part in this. This is the best way to explore Thailand culture and its people. Not only dancing, but Thailand is famous for its wall-painting, and temple architecture.

Speaking Thai

Although it is very unique and it uses its own script, it is not that hard to learn some useful words.

Learning Thai can be helpful when you want to ask for help or directions, or the way to the nearest beach. It’s helpful and fun, and in no time you will start to speak it.

Don’t wait until the last minute, grab the opportunity and see the world. Many teachers who came back from their adventures have great stories to tell. Thailand is one of the countries that will leave you craving for more.

The time is right! Your character building career starts here! Welcome aboard!

Dimitris Vlachos works as a full-stack marketer at Movinhand. Movinhand is a web-based platform that connects teachers with teaching opportunities around the world.

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