5 Countries to Try Out World-Renowned Meals and Drinks

Pizza & Wine

There are people who do not love food and just eat because they want to continue living. Foodies are always wondering what is wrong with such people. The world is teeming with a whole lot of opportunities to try out new meals and amazing dishes at affordable prices. There are delightful desserts like tiramisu and delectable wines for you to try out not only in America but across the globe. Of course there are those places that are famed for having bewitching cuisines in the world. This article explores some of these destinations. They should be included in your ‘world food tour’ plan.

1. Italy

Italy has dishes that will make you want to cry because of their amazing tastes. The pizza however will drive you up the walls with its awesomeness. There is no one who makes pizza better than the guys in Italy. With its enchanting tastes and affordable prices, the Italian pizzas especially those from Naples will keep you coming back for more.

2. France

Once you are done with your dining in Italy you can make a stopover in France’s Champagne region. This is where some of the world famous wines come from. Beware, champagne could make you broke with its wide array of fine wines. The champagne prices here are however a bit cheaper than from the shops because you will be getting them straight from the vineyards. Anyway that is just an assumption what is guaranteed is that you will get really amazing wine while you are in Champagne.

3. Australia

What is so unique about Australia aside from its multitude lot of marsupials? Well, Australia has some really good dishes! The kangaroo loin is one of those dishes that you will want to try out. Yes, kangaroos are cute and all so the thought of dining upon them does not always come first to many people. Anyway now you know that you can eat them so you should try it out.

4. China

Everyone is always about how they are going to try out the new Chinese restaurant down the block. Well, Chinese and Japanese are renowned for their experimental nature when it comes to food. Anyway you will want to try out the jiaozi. They are traditional Chinese dumplings and they make for a really good breakfast.

5. Ethiopia

If there is a place in Eastern Africa that you will be most thrilled to visit when it comes to food then it must be Ethiopia. The coastal towns of Kenya and Tanzania are also good but there is no way they are matching up to the amazing Ethiopian mahaberawi. This is basically a whole lot of different dishes served upon a sheet of anjera- a flat and spongy pancake made from rice flour. This is especially great a meal for those people who just cannot decide what they want to eat when they visit a restaurant. It is a fantastic way to sample all sorts of Ethiopian dishes from just one dish.

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