5 Beach Activities Your Kids Will Enjoy

Beach Activities Your Kids Will Enjoy

Going to the beach together with your kids is one of the best thing, which can make your family relations stronger. However, kids won’t have fun lying on the beach the whole day.

That’s why we prepared five beach activities you will definitely enjoy together with your kids. Keep them in mind, when you are preparing for a beach day with your family. First of all you need to have a large enough family beach tent where the whole family can take rest in-between various beach activities. Following are some of the best beach activities your kids will love to take part in a beach vacation. So, plan accordingly when going for a family beach trip.

Walking barefoot

Walking barefoot is a fun and enjoyable activity for kids and teenagers, and you can enjoy it together with your children. Walking without shoes isn’t only a great pastime, but it is also good for your body. Just think, it’s an effective feet massage, which you get for free from the Earth. Walking barefoot you can feel the ground better, and it allows you to feel the sense of the special moment.

Walking barefoot is twice more pleasant, if you walk along the beach. You can encounter endless flow of waves on the seaside on a windy day. Joyfully jump on them with your kids.

It would be also fun to run barefoot along the beach warming up after long swimming or snorkeling.

Just be careful. Make sure, that the beach is free of sharp shells, sea urchins, glass and other dangerous details before walking barefoot.

Playing with Frisbee

Playing with a Frisbee on the beach regularly is the way to do sports and have fun together with your family. This game is very simple – just catch a plastic flying disc and throw it afterwards.

Officially ultimate Frisbee has many rules and requires a special Frisbee golf. But it’s up to you whether to abide by the rules or simply throw the flying disc between players. Choose the most enjoyable way for you to play.

Why this game is especially useful for small children? Simply because it is able to develop their coordination and reaction and keeps your body fit.

Picking shells

It’s always good to bring some souvenirs from your beach vacation. That’s why people always buy memorable things in their trips. Why can’t you make a souvenir by yourself?

Pay attention to unusual shells, which could be a good souvenir for your friends and relatives. Collect them together with your kids and show them, how to create a natural gift made of the shells and small stones for their friends.

This souvenir would be natural and original. You should think together, how to attach the shells and stones one to another, so it will have a look of a real handmade treasure. Give advice to your kids to write their friends’ names on the shells or stones in order to make a lovely personal gift to these people.

Flying a kite

Flying a kite is a showy and spectacular activity. In addition, it’s very easy to figure out, how to fly a kite even for small kids. That makes this activity become more and more popular among the other beach activities.

Everything you need for this process is a kite and wind. Find any open space and make sure, that your kite won’t meet neither trees nor houses. Then launch your kite there and watch it on high.

Keep your attention on the kite and control it, because it can instantly fall down following wind flow or encounter a wild seagull in the air.

Catching crabs

When you are on the beach with rocks and pebble, it’s a high time to look for crabs under stones.

In case if your child has never seen crabs, he or she will surely enjoy watching these funny sea creatures. Don’t afraid, try to catch some small crabs and let them go to the sea after that. You will notice, it’s not easy, because these animals are so fast and dexterous.

However, beware of big crabs, which might be dangerous for kids and adults. Don’t bring your hands to the claws of the crab. It can pinch you or your child very painfully. Just take care!

Do you know more beach activities to have fun with children? If you want to share some games, mention them in comments below. Be creative. Invent your own games. We wish you to enjoy every minute with your children on the beach!

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