11 Days Budget Friendly Travel Plan to Explore Sydney and Melbourne

Milsons Point Sydney Australia

If you have chosen Sydney and Melbourne to be your holiday destination, then you are on the right track of having a once in a lifetime experience. There is much to enjoy in these great cities ranging from beautiful sandy beaches, museums and restaurants among other interesting things. If you are traveling on a budget, you don’t need to worry. There are affordable places and activities you can do based on your budget. Below is a travel plan to help you maximize on your trip to Sydney and Melbourne without having to spend much.


There is a host of many affordable hostels in Melbourne and Sidney. How good you do your research will determine whether you get an affordable place to sleep or not. Since accommodation is the most crucial thing for any traveler, you have to give it first priority in your planning. In Melbourne, you can look for a dorm to stay because most hotels are highly priced. You can find a good dorm by looking up Home at the Mansion, United Backpackers, and Space Hotel just to mention a few.

If you are in Sydney, there are more than 100 hostels to choose from. You can also consider shared hostels because it is a cheaper option compared to having an individual place to sleep.

Make Sure To Eat and Drink Cheap

Food and drinks is also crucial once you have sorted your accommodation needs. The trick here is to identify the affordable joints where you can enjoy a quality and cheap meal, or even go for a night out for cheap drinks. You will realize that there are cheap hotels in Sydney and Melbourne outside the CBD. There are vintage street-stalls where you can enjoy wonderful cuisines at a small budget.

Melbourne Australia

Save On Transport Expenses

Taking a taxi or hiring a car within Sydney or Melbourne is not the way to go if you are operating on a budget. The most recommended way to move around the cities is by using public means. You can use the local trains to get your way around the city; this does not cost much.

Engage In Free Fun Activities

You do not want to engage in exotic tourist activities if you are operating on a budget. The good thing about these great cities is that there is a lot that you can do without spending a dime. Some of the free things you can do is:

Visit the Art Gallery of South Wales – here you will find landscape paintings, statutes and great portraits that collected by European and Australian artists.

Visit the beaches in Sydney – You can visit Sydney beaches for free to enjoy a sunny day. The best time to visit is during the weekdays because the beaches normally fill up during the weekends.

Take a stroll on the public coastal walks such as the Williamstown Beach. This will help you relax as you enjoy watching the beauty of the city.

Spend time in Royal Botanical Gardens – These wonderful gardens offer a serene and fresh atmosphere for meditation and nature walks.

Take note of the above plan to make your stay in Melbourne and Sydney affordable and fulfilling.

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