Do’s and Don’ts When Renting a Car During Your Mauritius Tour

Mauritius Road

Renting a car involves a process that can be full of surprising requirements and hidden fees, time consuming and costly. Shopping for the best deals and making sure you understand the regulations and rules before and after using the car will be helpful. Make a reservation and ensure that you have all the documentation required and return the vehicle in the same condition that you originally rented it in.

Comparing Prices

  • Comparing prices online is a good starting point. Various travel websites as well as agency sites are available for this purpose. You can compare different rates and find the best deal for the duration of time you will need the rental as well as your location.
  • It is advisable to stick with a reputable, widely used and reliable rental service.
  • Before making a final decision, consider asking about additional fees such as additional fees for more than one person driving the rental, mileage fees and airport surcharges for picking up the rental from the airport.

Considering the Model, Make and Size of a Rental Car

Think about the vehicle size you need. You are at liberty to rent any size, including compact options and SUVs. It is important to note that terms such as luxury sized and compact can vary. Many websites usually provide examples of models or let you know how many passengers will be able to fit in each vehicle size. Visit for more.

Booking Flights and Cars

Think about booking a car and flight together. If you plan to rent a car when you land from a flight, looking into booking your rental car and flight may save you money if better rates and deals are offered. Travel and airline websites can facilitate the process of renting a rental car and flight at the same time.

Additional Features

Add the features that you require with your car. These may include a car seat for the children or a GPS system. These additions can be included when going through the rental process online. There are different options for different car models, which you should consider when selecting a car model and size.


Consider the cost of insurance if you need it. Many credit card companies and auto policies include cover for rental cars but you can purchase additional coverage. Contact your insurance company for information about their car rental policies. Coverage for your vehicle may be extended to a rental.

Paying for the Rental Car

Depending on the rental service, you can make the reservation and issue payment when picking the car or prepay for the rental car. Many rental car companies are willing to hold your reservation before payment while some need a credit card number.

Reservations by Phone

If you do not want to book online, you may have the option of making a reservation by phone. Call the company and reserve the location, date and pickup time with a customer service agent.

Picking up the Car

  • Find out whether the rental company can pick you up from the airport or specific location. Local car rentals can be organized in order for a company representative to pick you up and drive you to get your car from the rental service.
  • Go through your rental contract and ensure all the information is correct, including the quoted price and ask the customer service agent any questions you may have.

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