Renting a Bike in New York City? Here’s What You Need to Know

New York Bicycle Rental

Whether you are planning to rent a bike for the next day or a year, there are few things that you should know. Even if you are looking for a bike to cover few hours’ journey, still considering some points beforehand might help. What kind of bike are you looking for? How can you make sure which bike is the right size for you? Bikes are available in so many models and all for rent. So, unless you are sure to get answers to basic questions, things might not take a good turn in terms of bike rental in NYC. Some companies even have some rules surrounding the bike rentals. So, be very sure to cover that up as well before you can finally make a purchase.

A bit overwhelming for the first timers

This entire method of renting a bike is always a bit overwhelming for the first timers. When they first search the internet for some response, they are practically bombarded with so many options. Making way for the right choice can always prove to be rather crucial. So, a simple guide, available online, can help then to breeze through the entire situation of purchasing the best bikes on rent from reputed sources. Be sure to follow some points before you actually head for a bike to rent.

Best bike type for you

Some people are tall and others are not. For the taller candidates, there are different models of bikes available for rent. Trying to work out on that same bike is a big problem for shorter people out there. On the other hand, some people might have some specific preferences with bikes and their needs. Some of the major types of bikes available in the market are city bikes, road bikes, cruiser and hybrid bike option. Each one has its own specific features, which you need to be aware of, before making a purchase.

Next comes the sizing

Once you are through with the bike types, next is the size. While renting one such two-wheeler, it is vital to check out its right size. There are some basic points available for you to follow. The size of a bike is mainly measured from crank to where the seats start. Using bike size chart can prove to be rather handy during such instances. It will help you to decide the right bike size meant for your use. It will help you to ride in rather comfort.

Weather forms the crucial third point

This might seems a bit absurd but weather plays a pivotal role in selecting the best bike for your use. It is mostly suitable while going for a cycling adventure. Some parts of the world are pretty hot and dry. In those places, weather may not possess any threat to the rider. But you can’t say the same for those regions, which are prone to heavy downpour or show. So, before you finally rent a bike, make sure to be well-associated with the weather report.

Focus on the bike routes

There are multiple bicycling routes available and some roads have dedicated bike lanes. Most of the bike rental shops will offer you with a map, where the bike routes are mentioned in details. They can take you well around the city, making it easier for someone who has just moved to a new place. So, remember to ask for that Bicycle Master Plan from the team before you get a bike on rent from the same source.

Do not forget about the price

How can you possibly forget about the price associated with bike rental in NYC? Unless the price is suitable enough for you, making a purchase is such a foolish thing to do! Each bike rental company has a specific list of price set for the available pieces. Even depending on the kind of bike you are looking for the prices are going to change quite a bit. But, if you have to take bike on rent for daily use or monthly purposes, you have to check the price first. Once you have done that, you can always select the best bikes from selected rental firms in your town.

Visiting a store or renting online

Before you head start for bike rental stores online, be sure to mark down the advantages of actually going to a rental shop first. There are some advantages involved with a physical store. The owner of that store will be able to suggest you some specified tours with your bike or the attendants can answer any question you have related to the entire bike rental norm. Renting bike from local ship can often provide you with insights into some series of tours, which you may not have heard of before. Even the tour guides might serve you as great local recommenders. These services are something you might miss while renting bike online.

Ways to stay safe

Before even you rent a bike, be quite familiar with the biking rules and regulations. You need to be sure of ways to stay safe while riding around the place. Some of the most obvious things to note are wearing helmet, riding bike in same direction as per the traffic norms, knowing hand signals and ensure that your rented bikes have proper lights, especially if you need to ride back home at night. Remember to double check any bike you are about to rent. You have to see if all the parts of your bike are working properly as you don’t want to be in trouble later.

For the payments

It is hard to mention a proper payment plan as it differs from one Rental Company to another. Most companies charged on hourly basis and the memberships might include 60 minutes of ride or choosing 24 hours option. Always remember to check with the payment types and plans before heading down and renting a bike.

Make sure to keep these points in mind if you don’t want to get into any trouble later. Following these points will help make the right purchase.

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