Andaman Travel Safety & Survival Tips

Andaman Island Sea

The first step in any vacation plan is research. You must look up the destination and find out the popular tourist spots, restaurants, and sights and sounds that must absolutely be a part of your trip. With this elementary knowledge, you would be able to cook up a solid itinerary for your vacation. Alternatively, you could delegate this work to any expert travel operator who already knows what to look for and how best to structure your travel plan to ensure you get the best possible value for the time and money invested. Beyond this, however, you will need to pick up some practical ground-level knowledge about the place you are visiting.

The Andaman Islands are among India’s most popular tourist spots and attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every single year. That said, when you are in a completely new environment, at the mercy of the elements, it is extremely important that you know how to stay safe. Here are some things to keep in mind before embarking on your Andaman vacation.

Before Buying an Andaman Tour Package Look up Weather Reports

Weather is an extremely fickle and entirely uncontrollable factor that can make or break any trip. You should regularly be checking weather reports in the days leading up to your departure so that you can spot any issues or anomalies. The situation can change in the blink of an eye, so it is important that you set up an alert or check daily. Rains could definitely take a severe toll on your plans. While it is best not to travel to the Andaman in the monsoon, if you are, you should contact local guides to find out the present situation and any restrictions or time limits that might have been imposed on accessing coastal areas.

Look for Local Contacts

Networking is extremely important and definitely comes in handy when you are traveling. You should dig into your contacts and see if you can find a reliable local who knows the area well and would be able to offer relief or assistance at a moment’s notice in case something goes wrong. You can also seek out groups on social media that are dedicated to this exact purpose. Local expertise is invaluable, so it is totally worth the extra money you spend to hire an expert guide so that he can not only take you to the best spots but also be the go-to person in an emergency. It is worth booking your Andaman Tour Package well in advance to avail best deals.

Be Alert at All Times

Traveling is hard; there are always negative elements at play that would take advantage of your unfamiliarity and unpreparedness and try to dupe you. This can range from minor thefts to lifting your entire luggage. Keep your bags and suitcases locked and tagged at all times. Distribute your valuables in such a way that even if your pockets are picked, you will have something to fall back upon. Hold your purses in a way that your hands are always on the zipper so that no one can lift small items or cash. Be confident in what you do; people can sense the uncertainty in a tourist. Another good piece of advice is never to take valuables to the beach. You should leave them locked in your room because you are unlikely to find a safe place to keep them when you go for a dip.


You should always have a piece of paper with your personal and emergency contact numbers written on it and also have these numbers saved on your phone, preferably on speed dial. This is an extreme measure but can be very useful, especially for children. It is also a good idea to keep track of local police stations. A little alertness goes a long way in ensuring that your trip goes exactly as planned and is not marred by any mishaps.

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