Everything You Need to Know to Explore Canada As a Tourist

Canada Flag Mountains

Canada welcomes tourists with open arms with the clear understanding that tourists are tourists only and are visiting the country only for a brief period. They should not have any intention of staying back in the country and take up jobs there. The country is famous for some extraordinary natural wonders, and it has a diversified culture and a blend of different climates that make it an irresistible attraction for tourists. Tourism contributes handsomely to the Canadian economy and accounts for 2 percent of GDP (Gross Domestic Production). With an eye on encouraging tourism, the government initiates Canadian tourist programs that provide the ideal gateway for visitors to travel across the length and breadth of the country. As per norms of international travel, foreigners of specific nationalities have to obtain visas from the government to facilitate entry into the country.

The need for tourist visas

Visas are in place as a measure to restrict the flow of foreigners into the country. Then how does it complement the government’s open arms policy to encourage tourism? It goes without saying that there has to be some checks and balances in the tourism policy, and visas are tools that help to identify the real tourists from the fake ones that try to sneak into the country in disguise. The government wants to ensure that there are no threats to the country by allowing tourists who can support themselves when visiting the country. The most important point is that visitors would leave the country as soon as their program ends. The tourist visa is known as Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

Eligibility for visa

Prospective tourists only get their visas upon fulfilling certain conditions.

  • Having a letter of invitation from someone close to you who resides in Canada can ease the process of obtaining a tourist visa. It has to be supported by a valid travel plan.
  • Tourists have to provide valid travel documents to support their claim for issuance of visas. They also have to establish documents that provide proof of their nationality that establishes their relationship with that country.
  • They should have a clean track record in criminal and medical matters and provide evidence of being able to fend for themselves when touring the country.

Before applying for a visa, check if you actually need one because some countries have earned exemption from it. Your travel agent should be able to guide you in matters related to obtaining a visa.

Limitations of tourist visa

A tourist visa will help you to travel across the country as a tourist only, and you will not be allowed to study or work with its help. You will also not be entitled to avail any benefit of the social system that citizens of the country get to enjoy. Tourist visas are only valid for six months, but it can receive extension upon request.

If you are a genuine visitor and can prove your intentions clearly to the government, then it is not at all difficult to explore the marvels of the country that is a big tourist destination.