Courchevel 1850: Where the Party Begins!

Courchevel France

Besides a glass of cold champagne and the thrill of skiing some 1800 meters down the slopes, one can also enjoy great fun and all-night-through parties at Courchevel 1850. Although not widely known for its party hot spots, the popular ski resort in the French Alps offers a wide array of options to choose from and have a blast, both in the city and, of course, the mountains and some well-earned apres-ski drinks with family members, friends or your other half.

Whether you prefer to soak up the last beams of the setting sun with a glass of beer at hand or keep your ski boots on and dance on the tables (or any other crazy thing that darts through your mind), chances are you will be spoiled for choice. Below are some of the 4 go-to places party goers prefer when spending their holidays in Courchevel 1850 that should be on your list!

Les Caves de Courchevel Bar

Perhaps the most notorious hot spot and a must for those looking for nightlife entertainment without leaving the resort. Famous DJ’s make sure you get the best music, mainly hip and funky, lifting your spirits and accompanying your party mood till the early morning hours. Already counting 2 decades, the night club certainly knows the ropes. That aside, Les Caves also serves as a wine bar, where you can chill out or have some of the finest wines in the region wetting your throat before the shenanigans continue!


Once the absolute hub of the party scene at 1850 meters, Ku-de-ta seems to be regaining the lost ground and claiming the throne again. No matter what you do, no matter where you go, you, somehow, end up here! Apart from socialites and party animals that are drawn to the buzzing bar like bees to honey, Ku-de-ta is a favorite place to have dinner, either at the in-house dining room or the terrace, where you can easily pop in and carry on the party under the stars.

Le Tremplin

Nicely tucked at the bottom of the piste, this bar/restaurant is the perfect location to catch your breath after racing down the slopes and have an apres drink on the terrace. From 4 pm, Le Tremplin has live music too that can quickly turn your leisure time into a chance to party and dance.

Le Mangeoire

Don’t be fooled by its innocent and sophisticated feel. Le Mangeoire is indeed a fine dining place offering elegant dining experiences. You are in for a big surprise, though, if you think that this is all Le Mangeoire is all about! The tables are moved to one side with the blink of an eye at around midnight, and the place transforms into a huge dance floor instantly! The smoke machine is on, and people start dancing on the tables or hang from the ceiling and swing to the rhythms of the music!

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