Holiday on the Island of Rhodes

Lindos Acropolis, Rodes

Lindos Acropolis, Rodes.

The Best of Rhodes

Where better to go on holiday to relax than the island Aesculapius was born in? He was the Greek God of healing, and perhaps there’s still a little healing in the air. Walking through the smalls towns of Rhodes can be quite a thought provoking experience if one had their eyes open. There are reminders of great philosophers on street signs, and this is, for those with the trait to lean against the deeper questions in life, enough to distract them for a good while from any everyday concern they might have. If myth and philosophy isn’t enough to inspire some calmness then perhaps a sight of an olive grove, the sound of falling waves, and the weight of the sunshine on one’s shoulders will be enough.

Here are a few places of interest:

  • The city of Rhodos is well known for housing one of the ancient seven wonders of the world; the Colossus. The old town of the city of Rhodes is a destination that very few tourists pass up on seeing. It is one of the better maintained medieval towns in the whole of Europe.
  • Lindos is a quaint little village with fewer than one thousand residents. The picturesque village streets are an attraction by themselves, but there is also the world famous acropolis, which no tourist should pass up on seeing.
  • Haraki is a destination for those who want a different coastal experience. It isn’t an overpopulated beach resort, but a charming fishing village, which will make every visitor feel as though they would love to prolong their holiday, and perhaps permanantly.
  • Faliraki is the resort where one will find a lot of music, night lights and young people. The experience of club music and dancing on the sand on a warm evening (and into the early hours of the morning) is, even to those less swayed by the pull of clubbing, an interesting experience.

What is best avoided in Rhodes

One needs to be at least a little wary of a few tourist traps. There are a number of bland ‘English’ and ‘Irish’ bars on the heavy-drinking street which should be avoided. This isn’t the best way in which to spend time in Rhodes. In a number of restaurants there one should probably avoid red mullet. It is, for some reason, painfully overpriced in Rhodes, at over fifty Euros a serving. The last point this article will mention on the subject of what to avoid in Rhodes is the shops on the island that sell furs. They all, without a doubt, shamefully and loudly insult international rules concerning products made using endangered species.

It would have been better to have concentrated only on the positives of Rhodes, but thinking that interested readers might have found this articles because they are visiting the island, then it is important to share information that will improve their trip. So, those looking to recover from a long winter of working should look no further than Rhodes for some summer healing.

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