Taking Your Kids on Holiday: What You Need to Know 

Kid Playing On The Beach

Taking kids on holiday can be such a joy – but it can also be a big pain in the bum. Children, depending on their age, can present a few problems on holiday – not that you shouldn’t take them because of this! Your kids may be as good as gold, but to have the best time possible, there are a few things you should know first. Continue reading

Tips to Enjoy Your London Trip Even on a Rainy Day 

London Eye on a rainy day

London is an exciting city and a dream destination of all tourists and travelers. But London’s weather can play spoil sport with well drafted travel plans as rains can hit you any time. The days of glorious sunshine will be followed by periods of unsettled weather. To enjoy London you must plan ahead and take the weather into account. Continue reading

UK Tourism: Scotland Travel Down by 29% 

Scotland, view of Lochness and Urquhart castle during a stormy day

After the recent vote on Scottish independence, tourism in the country is suffering. Tourism is down by almost a third. Experts thought that an independent vote would mean the death of Scottish tourism. It appears that that is not the case. Even with the country remaining in the UK, it seems that people are not visiting Scotland. Continue reading

Wine and Dine, Sydney 

Dining in Sydney

What’s a city break without a fancy evening topped with dining out? Sydney is one of those cities bustling with great restaurants that come with great views, and great reviews. There are quite a few restaurants a visitor in Sydney might want to visit, drawn to either their cuisine, their flair or their integral part in creating Sydneysider culture. Continue reading

Keeping Up with the Cost of Boating 

Boat Repairs

Buying boats is much like buying cars: important things to keep in mind are model make, year, size, maintenance, and discount season. The factors that seem important at first are usually merely aesthetic details, glossy yet strenuous when the time comes to reach for your wallet. Continue reading

Tips for Traveling to Developing Nations 

Traveling To Developing Nations

If you are adventurous and would rather travel to a third world or developing country instead of a more established destination, there are some things you should know before departing. As with all forms of travel, it’s good to prepared with what you should expect while visiting this new country or countries. Continue reading

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